Emma Forbes-Milne
  1. First Name:

  2. Last Name:

  3. Nick Names:
    Em, Belle

  4. Date of Birth:
    21 May 1992

  5. Fathers name:

  6. Mothers name:

  7. Siblings names:

  8. Junior Schools:
    Ridge, Pelham

  9. Senior Schools:
    The Wykeham Collegiate

  10. Favourite Colour:

  11. What do I do on weekends:
    Just chill with mates, relax, whatever comes up.

  12. Other Activities:
    Athletics, squash, cross country.

  13. How would I describe myself:
    I am bubbly, loud, I love to laugh and have fun. I'm friendly and enjoy being around people.

  14. I started swimming when I was:

  15. I started swimming because:
    I loved being in the water, and my brother did it.

  16. My coaches are:
    Wayne Riddin, Jan Kooiman, Elzette Reyneke

  17. Squad (PMB or DBN):

  18. Greatest swimming achievement:
    Making Senior Nationals, broke Cheryl Townsend's record.

  19. I've been to(countries):

  20. I've swum for:
    Seals, KZN, Wykeham Collegiate.

  21. Main Events:
    50 and 100 Free

  22. Hobbies:
    Mxit, swimming, doing sport, taking photo's, just having fun.
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