Entry Proc.


All gala entries are to be done through Di Doveton who is the Seals Gala Secretary.  All entries are to be faxed to Di on 031-466 3867 or emailed to Di at sealsdbn@telkomsa.net.  Entry fees will be invoiced and included with the monthly accounts.  Please do not leave any entries at the Seals Pmb Office.  If you have any queries, please contact Di Doveton on 083 789 2203 during office hours.  

The onus is on the swimmers/parents to ensure that the entries have been received by Di Doveton and that the entries are checked when sent out for checking.

All parents are expected to time keep during the season - 1 timekeeper per session is required for every 10 swimmers that have entered the gala, which means that Seals has to sometimes supply up to 5 timekeepers at certain galas.  Please offer your assistance.  If names are not put forward, Seals will allocate sessions to the parents and the onus will be on the parent to find an alternative person should the allocated session not be suitable.  Seals is fined R114.00 for every timekeeper not supplied.


Entry Envelope
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