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The statistics of drownings in South Africa is frightening.  30 % of all drownings takes place in a swimming pool!  This is due to people being uneducated in water safety.  Ryk Neethling, is a National swimming sensation.  Did you know that he nearly drowned in a neighbours’ pool at 6 years of age?   South Africa’s summer climate and access to rivers, dams and pools should equal a swimming nation!

Swimming South Africa is urging ALL South Africans to become water safe.  At Seals Swimming Club, our learn-to-swim teachers aim to educate learners on all aspects of water safety.  All our teachers are affiliated and accredited with Swimming South Africa.   

Swimming should be FUN! Our teachers are kind, loving and patient but firm in their belief that swimming is a life skill.  Learn-to-swim lessons at Seals Swimming Club cater for ALL levels of swimmers:

  • Beginner lessons for ‘babies’ as young as one years old …
    all the way to adults as old as ……….!
  • stroke work groups for all ages

Each swimmer is carefully assessed and placed in the relevant group – according to ability and age.
Our lessons are 30 minutes.  This allows time for instruction as well as the all-important playtime!
We recommend attending classes twice a week, but some swimmers do attend lessons
once a week, mainly on Saturday mornings due to parents’ work commitments.

Seals Swimming Club has a worldclass facility set in park like surroundings.  The specially designed shallow heated learn-to-swim pool is the ideal pool to learn to swim in while gaining confidence

Learn-to-swim classes are held at different times to cater for ALL your needs:

  •  mornings (Tuesday/Thursday, Saturday)
  •  afternoons/evenings (Monday-Thursday)

Stroke work classes/training sessions are held:

  •   Monday-Friday afternoons/evenings 

Swimming is excellent for the development of the body and mind.
It is therapeutic and stimulating.

All swimmers need to be members of Seals Swimming Club.  The annual costs involved are:

                        6 years and under …….R 145
                        7 years and older ……  R 240

This allows each swimmer to make use of the world-class facility over weekends and during school holidays.

The MONTHLY costs are R 320 (2 lessons per week) or R 210 (one lesson per week).


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