1st Founding Meeting


It was in 1907 that a young sport enthusiast, EO (Oliver) Hesketh felt that Natal’s Capital needed an active swimming club so he convened a meeting at the Perks Committee room in Longmarket Street. It was here that the first General Meeting of the Seals Swimming Club was held on 22 August 1907 at 8 pm.

Seventeen prospective members were present and Mr TM Owen consented to take the chair.

The minutes recorded that:

“The Office Bearers should consist of a President, 5 Vice-Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary, a committee of; 2 Captains, 2 Vice-Captains, to be elected at each Annual General Meeting” Mr O O’Brien and Mr WM Cameron were nominated for President with Mr Cameron subsequently being appointed as the first President of “Seals Amateur Swimming Club”.

Subscriptions were set at 7 shillings and sixpence (7/6) for Seniors and 3 shillings and sixpence (3/6) for Juniors.

An interesting item recorded was that the club colours should be light blue and dark blue, but as these colours had already been adopted by the YMCA Club, this was changed at a Special General Meeting on 2 October 1907, to “dark green with yellow facings”
Cover Page of 1st Minutes Book
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